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Photo (detail) of the exhibition: Raymond Klibansky (1905-2005) – La bibliothèque d’un philosophe, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, 2013. Photo: Louis-Étienne Doré.


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“… in recent decades, Proclus scholarship has made notable progress through the rediscovery of several texts that had been considered lost. R. Klibansky discovered in the medieval Latin translation of William of Moerbeke a substantial section of Proclus’s commentary on Plato”s Parmenides that is missing in the original Greek…”

Kristeller, Paul Oskar. The Journal of Philosophy 59, no. 3 (1962): 74–78.

1932. Vol. I, De docta ignorantia. Edited by Raymond Klibansky with Ernst Hoffmann (Leipzig).

1932. Vol. II, Apologia doctae ignorantiae. Edited by Raymond Klibansky (Leipzig).

1959. Vol. VII, De pace fidei. Edited by Raymond Klibansky with Hildebrand Bascour O.S.B. (Leipzig). Second edition, 1970. First published in London by the Warburg Institute, 1956. Reprint of Warburg edition: Nendeln, Liechtenstein: Kraus International, 1977.

1982. Vol. XII, De venatione sapientiae. De apice theoriae. Edited by Raymond Klibansky and G.H. Senger (Hamburg).

1983. Vol. V, Idiota de sapientia. Idiota de mente. Edited by R. Steiger. With two appendices by Raymond Klibansky: I: De memoria librorum Idiotae. II: De dialogis De vera sapientia Francisco Petrarcae addictis (Hamburg).

The beginning of De Visione Dei, from Klibansky’s marked 16th century copy of Cusa’s works: Haec Accvrata Recognitio Trivm Voluminvm, Opervm Clariss. P. Nicolai Cvsae Card.…Paris, 1514 (folio BX890 N485 1514, Raymond Klibansky Collection, Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University).

1934. Fasc. I: Super oratione dominica. Editit Raymundus Klibansky.

1936. Fasc. XIII: Quaestiones Parisienses. Edidit Antonius Dondaine op; Commentariolum de Eckardi Magisterio, adiunxit Raymundus Klibansky.

“Klibansky’s primary quest in these great texts was for the pillars of a doctrine of freedom that could be pitted against the irrationalism of the interwar period. He soon became convinced of the need for an edition of Eckhart’s Latin works, over and above the German sermons that had become popular, and often manipulated by the prevailing nationalist ideology. He garnered the support of the Heidelberg Academy and embarked on a collaboration with the Dominicans in Rome, who also wanted to produce such an edition. These projects were hindered by the Nazi government, which was then attempting to co-opt Eckhart’s thought on behalf of a totalitarian Germanic mysticism expressed in the post-Nietzschean ideal of the divine superman. The work was interrupted and Klibansky narrowly escaped the political police, soon going into exile like so many other Jewish scholars.”

From the introduction by Georges Leroux to: A Life in Philosophy: Conversations with Georges Leroux, English trans. by Peter Feldstein. Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, FORTHCOMING. Original title: Le Philosophe et la mémoire du siècle (1998).

1940. Plato Latinus I: Meno, Interprete Henrico Aristippo. Ed. V. Kordeuder. Recognovit et praefatione instruxit Carlotta Labowsky.

1943. Plato Arabus II: Alfarabius de Platonis Philosophia. Ed. Franciscus Rosenthal et Richardus Walzer.

1950. Plato Latinus II: Phaedo, Interprete Henrico Aristippo. Ed. et praefatione instruxit Laurentius Minio-Paluello.

1951. Plato Arabus I: Galeni Compendium Timaei Platonis. Edd. Paulus Kraus et Richardus Walzer.

1952. Plato Arabus III: Alfarabius Compendium Legum Platonis. Ed. Franciscus Gabrieli.

1953. Plato Latinus III: Platonis Parmenides nec non Procli Commentarium in Parmenidem, pars adhuc inedita. Ediderunt, praefatione adnotationibusque illustraverunt Raymundus Klibansky et Carlotta Labowsky.

1962. Plato Latinus IV: Timaeus, a Calcidio translatus commentarioque instructus. Ed. Jan Hendrick Waszink.

Reprint of Plato Latinus I–III and Plato Arabus I–III.Nendeln, Liechtenstein: Kraus-Thomson, 1973. Second edition of Plato Latinus IV. Leiden: Brill, 1975.

1964. Lettre sur la tolérance. Texte latin et traduction française. Critical edition and preface by Raymond Klibansky. Translation and introduction by Raymond Polin. Montreal: Casalini. Also published at Paris: PUF, 1965; 2nd ed. Paris: PUF, 1967.

1968. Epistola de tolerantia: A Letter on Toleration. Latin text edited with a Preface by Raymond Klibansky. English translation with an introduction and notes by J.W. Gough. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Preface reprinted in French in Klibansky, Tradition antique et tolérance moderne (2016).

Raymond Klibansky, lecturing at Loyola College, 1973. Public Relations and Information Office fonds, Item I0002-02-0318. Concordia University Records Management and Archives. Photo: attr. to Tyllon Sierhuis.

1983. Saturno e la melanconia. Studi di storia della filosofia naturale, religione e arte. Translated into Italian by Renzo Federici. Torino: Einaudi.

1989. Saturne et la mélancolie. Études historiques et philosophiques: Nature, religion, médecine et art. Translated into French by Fabienne Durand-Bogaert and Louis Évrard. Augmented edition with an introduction by Raymond Klibansky. Bibliothèque illustrée des histoires series. Paris: Gallimard.

1990. Saturn und Melancholie. Studien zur Geschichte der Naturphilosophie und Medizin, der Religion und der Kunst. Translated into German by Christa Buschendorf. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp.

– Translated also into Spanish (1991), Japanese (1991), Romanian (2002), Polish (2009), Slovenian (2013).

Klibansky with Leszek Kolakowski and Giannola Nonino as Kolakowski is awarded the Nonino Prize “to a master of our time,” 1997. Klibansky was a recipient of the prize in 1995. Private collection.


1999. El filósofo y la memoria del siglo: Tolerancia, libertad, filosofía. Conversaciones con Georges Leroux. Barcelona: Península.

2001. Erinnerung an ein Jahrhundert. Gespräche mit Georges Leroux, translated from the French by Petra Willim. Frankfurt: Insel.

FORTHCOMING. Raymond Klibansky: A Life in Philosophy: Conversations with Georges Leroux, translated from the French by Peter Feldstein. Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Klibansky and Georges Leroux, 2002. Photo: Nicole Giguère.

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